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New Fine Wire Jewelry By Ema Tanigaki

We are excited to announce that we have discovered a new resource for ultra fine gold plated stainless steel wire. This wire is 0.0005 inches thicker than the previous wire we had custom drawn to our specifications. The new work will be lean more towards sculptural designs than in the past, however some will still be functional jewelry.

Introducing “Protea”

Dimensions: approximately 2 x 2 x 1.375 inches

Media: hand crochet gold plated stainless steel wire with glass and rose quartz spheres.

Shown on removable 14K solid gold broach pin.  Pin attachment is not included in the price.

Suggested gallery retail price $990

Please note that with the material cost increase for all metals future prices may increase significantly.

Note: this design can be converted from a sculptural object to a broach, necklace or bolo using gold filled wire custom attachments.