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Highlighted Project: New Collaborative Sculpture: “Creation on Artists’ Easel

June 23, 2023

Introducing Ema Tanigaki and John Healey’s latest sculpture. “Creation on Artists’ Easel”

The image that is mounted onto the stainless steel frame with bronze fixtures depicts creation from a singularity. The strong sunlight in New Mexico is pouring through the colored glass to create a painting of light onto the concrete patio surface.

This work is the continuation of a body of work that can be installed in either an indoor or outdoor location. All materials used are UV resistant and can handle thermal changes, and are water proof and are designed to be wind resistant.

*This work has been sold. Please contact us to inquire about the next works upcoming in this series.

Please see more images and a few glimpses of the process of creating this work in the slide show below.

Inroduction to Creation on Artists’ Easel
Collaborative Glass and Metal Sculpture “Creation on Artists’ Easel”

By Ema Tanigaki and John Healey

Creation is Glass

“Creation” is the title of the glass composition of this sculpture. It is a combination of a support sheet of plate glass with one of a kind mouth blown stained glass and an three layered optical glass unit.

Easel two side views

Artists’ Easel is the supporting structure of this sculpture.

Perforated Sculptural element

Perforated Stainless Steel is used as a sculptural element which also serves as a “catcher” for the colored light that is transmitted in the”glass shadow”

Glass Adhesion

The glass is shattered using a somewhat controlled method to create clean lines with no loss of glass material. The pieces are then hand beveled and edges cleaned. These pieces are adhered to the support glass using adhesives that can tolerate outdoor display.


Once the glass section is completed the dimensions are input into a CAD program and the design process of the easel is started. This ensures the correct fit and proportions and allows for a modular approach.

Metals Fabrication

Then metal fabrication can begin

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The latest News from Healey Studio below:

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  • Museum Opening

    Event Announcement: Museum Exhibition with John Healey’s Optical Glass Sculpture

    Burchfield Penney Art Center –  Buffalo New York.
    Opening: May 12, 2023

    Optical Glass Sculpture - title Revolutions Rise by John Healey
    Optical Glass Sculpture – title Revolutions Rise by John Healey – Burchfield Penney Art Center Collection – Stanford Lipsey Collection

    Museum Exhibition Opening:  John Healey’s work, “Revolutions Rise” year created 1999, will be exhibited as part of the Exhibition of Stanford Lipsey’s Glass Collection at the Burchfield Penney Art Center from May 12 to December 31, 2023.  We will unfortunately not be able to attend the opening due to our current project, but hope to be able to see the collection while still on exhibit.

  • Ema Tanigaki’s work published in Museum Collection Book
    Book Cover – “Common Ground – Albuquerque Museum Art Collection”

    Announcement! Museum Collection Catalog Publication: 

    Ema Tanigaki’s work, “golden eagle necklace” year created 2003 is included in the publication “Common Ground” of selected works from the Albuquerque Museum’s permanent Collection. For those that might be interested the book is available for sale on the Museum Foundations website, and we assume at the Gift Store in the Albuquerque Museum.

    the posted image is a screenshot from the Albuquerque Museum Foundation.  Please click on the image to be taken to the website.

  • Sinusoidal Waves perforated Metal Sculptures by Ema Tanigaki

    Latest Public Art purchase of Ema Tanigaki sculptural works by Bernalillo County New Mexico.

    Sculpture is scheduled to be displayed in Alvagardo Square, Albuquerque New Mexico. Please subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of events associated with the installation.