The Jewellery of Ema Tanigaki

gold plated stainless steel fine wire jewelry 2021~

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stainless steel fine wire jewelry 2017~

Hand crochet structures with colorful glass spheres. Each object is created from one singular continuous strand of ultra fine wire. Findings are all hand formed, hammered and polished by the artist. Each form is an expression of love and madness.

This stainless steel wire is 5 ten-thousandths of an inch thinner in diameter than the gold plated stainless that I started to crochet with. The difference is requires me to use more spheres to keep the crochet tubes from collapsing. This creates a new design challenge that has resulted in a more playful series. The material of commercially available stainless steel wire is much less expensive and allows me to make work that is more affordable (for myself and the client) than the custom drawn wire work.

Squash Blossom Necklace
Red and White Ying Yang necklace
Smoke Stone Necklace
Neuron Necklace
Heart Necklace
First Bud
Feeling Blue Necklace
Double drop Earrings
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solid gold fine wire jewellery 2005 ~

14 K gold was used in this series for the added structural strength, however gold is a very soft material. the change in material required a new approach. The gold is soft and smooth and drapes like silk. I created wire tendrils to support the delicate crochet. I do have a desire to create more works for this solid gold series but the cost of gold has become prohibitively expensive to play with ideas. With out play there is no creativity.

ACE drop necklace
curl ring necklace
yin yang brooch
three dangle pin
golden tendril necklace
minimalist bolo with collar
Bound by Flame Necklace
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gold plated stainless steel fine wire jewelry 2002-2004

The first of the hand crochet jewellery series. The stainless steel provided a strong base for the fine wire structures allowing for more sculptural forms that could be tension-ed to create curls and tendrils allowing the creation of the forms inspired by sea anemone and coral structures.

Unfortunately the custom drawn supply of gold plated wire has been used and we have not been able to procure the same material. So this series was terminated. If this material would be available Ema would love to revisit this series (0.0045 inch round gold plated stainless steel 316 in semi hard temper)

Gold Eagle Necklace
Mother of Pearl Necklace Set
anenome bracelet
onyx flower bracelet set
amber and amethyst choker set
curl mother of pearl necklace
choker form necklace
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