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Ema Tanigaki Awarded Third Place in International Foldforming Contest

The folded aluminum perforated sculpture by Ema Tanigaki titled: “One View of Mt Fuji and Great Wave” has won third place in the Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition. Please follow this link to for more information on the contest and to see the other winners. We are proud to be included with these other beautiful works. The quality of the winning entries seems very high to us this year. Maybe it is the three years that everyone has had since the last competition in 2018, where Ema received the honor of Juror’s Choice.

One View of Mount Fuji and Great Wave _ 15
One View of Mount Fuji and Great Wave _ 10

We thank Sue Lacy and Charles Lewton-Brain for making this most enjoyable contest possible and the gift certificate we were awarded.